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JacobMcPherson1 (189)

about how many lines would it take to write your own operating system and what kind of stuff would i need to know to make one

SixBeeps (5037)

Due to the nature of code, you could fit everything onto one line. But keep in mind, code isn't always about how big it is, but what it can do.
There's probably a tutorial online that you can follow that'll have you make a modification of Linux, but making your own OS is quite a difficult task. You have to have some knowledge on hardware/drivers, and low-level programming in general.


you would need c. That's a good language to make a os in.

RhinoRunner (692)

hmm... well, mine is > 300 lines so far.

Coder100 (16794)

You would need to know some C and some ASM because that's what most tutorials are made in.

or you could just do it in rust

it's pretty complicated, maybe learn some C or low level languages first?