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Number Next To My Name
ChandlerMorell (84)

What is the zero next to my name? It's in parentheses. I see a lot of people with a really high number. I'd just like to know what this number signifies. It has the HTML title "cycles".

Answered by Mosrod (552) [earned 5 cycles]
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Mosrod (552)

This number shows how many cycles (points) you have. Cycles are counted by how many up votes your posts/comments get in Talk. These can also be described as reputation (stackoverflow).

ChandlerMorell (84)

@Mosrod Ohh. Okay. Thank you for explaining. I figured it had something to do with that, but I wanted to make sure. While I am asking questions, what is that blue star on your profile picture? How are you a "hacker"?

Mosrod (552)

@ChandlerMorell The blue star shows up if you are a Talk moderator, or work at

ChandlerMorell (84)

@Mosrod That makes perfect sense! Thank you for the explanations!

DanielSchumache (26)

It's like Karma on Reddit.