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Node.JS tutorials for databases and servers
DabDatBass (14)

Node.JS database tutorial links in the chat, please! :)


Here's why: I want to create a live chat on a website with whitelisting (hopefully possible), reporting, and moderators. For me as a person who has been on Scratch 3.0 for a while, this can be easily done. But with raw code? For me, that just seems impossible!

I saw a few repls that were made out of Node.JS (and probably with a little php) that were really cool, so that's why I'm asking for Node.js.

Also, if you can, drop a link for something that can run a server on php and/or Node.JS please.

WorldDominator (0)

I'm An_Alien_In_Disguise from scratch

realTronsi (926)

This is a big leap for someone coming from Scratch. I'd suggest taking a look at websocket/, there are also plenty of good tutorials on youtube. To be honest though, I'd suggest starting slow, familiarize yourself with html, css, and javascript first, and slowly making your way into the backend with some simple express projects etc.

SixBeeps (5222)

This isn't about databases, but I learned Node+Express with this article and I absolutely loved it. Though, it's probably a better idea to learn JS first if you haven't already.

(Completely unrelated to the question, but your pfp reminded me of the fact that "Miles Prower" is a play-on-words of "Miles Per Hour" and I only learned that last week.)

DynamicSquid (4928)

Have you tried the official website on NodeJS?

There's also a really cool video on NodeJS and databases.

Or if videos aren't your thing you can try this website.