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Node v14? (Current LTS)
EliasVal (1)

Hello! I have some features that was included in node 14 in order for my project to work, how can I update my repl from node 12 to 14?


i'm not sure if you can do that. has a default version of node.js. So you can't upgrade.

EliasVal (1)

I found out how to upgrade.
npm i [email protected] in the shell,
create a .replit file and write run = "npm start" in it.
Then it should run the project with that node version you installed.

tussiez (1669)

@EliasVal ooh, I want to try this!

TimSmith4 (0)

@EliasVal great find! works perfect!!!

Dreamprince (0)

I did all same but still its v 12 @EliasVal