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New here and I'd really like to begin learning how to program a basic game please?
daviebarby123 (0)

I have read through both Pong games on here and all of the instructions and explanations given.
I have a slight understanding just now but I am finding it difficult to find the whereabouts of the dictionaries to download them.

Or is this typed in as it is within the coding of the program?

Sorry for the ignorance shown by me here :/.

Please write back somebody?

Answered by LynnOng (26) [earned 5 cycles]
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LynnOng (26)

Do you have any programming background?
If not then I suggest Python or Javascript.

You can make (Visual) games with Python's PyGame, Lua's Love2D, or HTML 5.
If you're looking for Text-Based Adventures then any language works.
But what ever you do. Don't Try Java.

daviebarby123 (0)

@LynnOng That's great LynnOng :). Thanks very much for your advice and info.

I was on a Javascript lesson just before I replied to you and I am glad you have let me know not to do it in Java.

I have minimal knowledge for coding and this is why I have been searching the lessons on here for something to get me started off properly.

Recently I attempted the Recipe webpage and I done really well in it.
It was a 5 Day Challenge course and ever since I done it, I am really keen to pursue learning how to program properly now.

I am in the process of beginning a course for HTML, CSS and JS.

Hopefully this will be the building blocks for me to move on to C++, C#, or whatever language helps me to become a reasonable programmer.

I see you mentioned, if I don't have any programming experience, it is best to begin with Python or Java.
I am at this level yes lol.

I am only beginning LynnOng.

I really appreciate your help and thanks very much :).

I hope we get to speak again.