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New Team!!!
PizzaisGood (32)

Hello again!

So there are a lot of people who wanted to join my other team. But there is no more space so I'm going to make a new # team!

Team Name

Kids that code(It's fine if your not a kid)

What we do

We will be making cool projects and some teaching (so I need people who can teach)


Python(so the teacher has to know python)

Please join today!


can i join>

JosephSanthosh (1196)

Am I in the previous team?
I'm in like 7 teams so I'm not sure. We cant even see our team members too.
If I'm not in the previous team then could you add me?

PizzaisGood (32)

But if you want @JosephSanthosh I can add you this team too.

JosephSanthosh (1196)

@PizzaisGood Oh I'll stay in the first team thx

PizzaisGood (32)

Before you join @Coder100 are you going to teach or make?

Coder100 (16970)

Alright! I'll join!

PizzaisGood (32)

Just say if you want to teach or join @dabs364

dabs364 (276)

I can do both. I know a good amount of python.

PizzaisGood (32)

Well that the only language I know @StudentFires

PizzaisGood (32)

Well I'm still learning python but maybe after python I might learn a new languages @StudentFires

xxpertHacker (855)

Why would you teach Python, any particular reasons?


@PizzaisGood can i join>