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Need advice for an Inventory system
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Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to coding and replit as a community and I was curious about how to implement an inventory system in a text-based adventure game. I'm using Python and I can't seem to figure it out. The inventory system needs to be able to:

-Track the stats of weapons and armor
-Track how many of an Item there is
-Display the inventory list in the console for the player to see
-Add items when collected
-Subtract Items when it's dropped or used by the player

I would appreciate it if someone could give an example of an inv system or if someone could at least give me a general idea of how to make one in Python.

Thanks and I'm glad to join the community!

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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An inventory system, eh?

Personally, I'd use classes a bunch for this. There'd be a class for every item, a class for the inventory itself, and maybe even an intermediate class of which each item is a subclass of.

The Item class holds information about the item, such as the name, who owns it, etc. You can then make each item in your game a subclass of this class (like an Armor class would implement the class as well as hold stats about durability, weight, etc.)

Then the Inventory class can hold a large dictionary of Item-Number pairs. Pretty self explanatory, the number is how many of each item is in the inventory.

This is just a loose description of how I'd do it, your implementation might look a little different.

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@SixBeeps Thanks for the advice! Sounds like a good idea, I'll be sure to try it. I'm new to coding in general and I appreciate the help cause this can be a small bit confusing sometimes