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My game didn't print everything that I put in the input brackets. do you know why?
CoderSloth909 (1)

I think it is either something wrong with the website, or I put too much in the input box. But I did put more in a print brackets, so... Can anyone help me? By the way, it did not print it all in line 20 and below, just so you know where to look. Oh also, Please mind that my game sounds super cheesy? I am still working on it.

Answered by Coder100 (17137) [earned 5 cycles]
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Coder100 (17137)

Is your input clipping? If so, use this function:

def _input(text = ''):
  return input()

put it at the top of every file that uses input, and don't forget to replace input with _input!

CoderSloth909 (1)

Thank you so much, I will see if it works!

CoderSloth909 (1)


CoderSloth909 (1)

You need to put your age ten and up to play and see where the error is. Also, has this happened to anyone else? I just want to know if it is just me or not.