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time.sleep() function in JavaScript?
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Like how Python has a time.sleep function to delay code execution, does JavaScript have a similar time function that delays code the same way? Can this be applied to a script page in HTML?

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nice, but i would add that using async await hardly lets you 'get around this problem'. slight technicalities aside, it simply allows you sort of rewrite the problem using a different syntax, especially relative to the promise-based api way of doing things

once top level await is more supported by browsers, then using async / await would be more prone to cause a detriment to script / site performance (more for beginners) since you would not be chunking your code meant to be asynchronous in function blocks. on the contrary, it would wait for the promise to resolve before the rest of the script executes (and before we get a change to register ui event listeners, assuming they show up 'under' the 'await' keywords in the same execution context)
ex. (within a script)

let myData = await fetch('') document.querySelector('button').addEventListener(() => console.log('interactive button clicked'))