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Modules not loading in, and error-output non-accessible.
PaulEugenio (5)

When I run the following, I get an error "ImportError: No module named pandas". This is despite the output briefly reading, among other things, "Using version ^0.25.3 for pandas", which suggests to me that it recognized pandas as it attempted to load a specific version. Unfortunately, that output quickly vanishes and appears unaccessible... leaving only the aforementioned "ImportError" in its wake. It may be a simple error, perhaps related to some incompatible Python version with the version of pandas provided by, but the vanishing output is a serious problem in diagnosing this issue. In fact, this is my biggest issue, and hope that someone can illuminate me as to why this is happening and how to fix it.

This error also happens if I try to import matplotlib and/or matplotlib.pyplot; however, this does not happen for numpy.

I did some prior searching, and found some useful information regarding packages in (in particular the ability to search packages using the 'cube' icon in the graphical bar left of the code in any session), however, nothing regarding the vanishing output. Thanks!