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FallenAngel6 (19)

How can you become a moderator? I'm just wondering...

Answered by SixBeeps (5055) [earned 5 cycles]
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SixBeeps (5055)

There aren't certain conditions per-se, but Replit picks users by hand to become mods. A good reputation is usually the core part.

FallenAngel6 (19)

@SixBeeps That sounds a bit too simple... it can't be that simple is it?

SixBeeps (5055)

@FallenAngel6 It is that simple, but having a really good reputation is more difficult than it looks.

FallenAngel6 (19)

Nvmind, I did enough research

FloCal35 (499)

You have to be mature and nice on talk, you need to know the rules and follow them, report stuff to show how well you know them. You need to know how to make quick judgements based on post/comment context. You also have to not break any rules. And finally, you have to be in the community for a while. There might be others but thats th ones I know.