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Looking for some devs
ErrorNoInternet (18)

Hello there, Repliters...? (Replit-ers? Repliteers? idk?)
I am looking for some Python/Java programmers that have at least some experience. I make lots of projects like automation programs, advanced GUIs, and AI. I'm really bored and I hope that I can develop new apps (and maybe even paid games on Google Play Store or something). Please comment your timezone down below if you want to join. Thank you!

williham (11)

be a bit more specific on what kinda stuff you need people to help you with

ErrorNoInternet (18)

@williham GUIs, automation programs, and AI...? That's in the post

williham (11)

@ErrorNoInternet ok, that makes more sense as it said that that's what you do, not what you want us to do