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ryanhcode (88)

Hey! I've been developing a website for a while that I want to have a login and forum system, and I have no clue how to start! I have looked at Google and Github Authentication and would like to have the users be required to login with Google. How would I give people roles and make a forum system? Any libraries or databases that make it easy?

Answered by a5rocks (821) [earned 5 cycles]
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a5rocks (821)

What languages do you know? Look into making a back-end, and using oauth2.

(though I'll be able to help more if you say what languages you know and proficiency)

ryanhcode (88)

@a5rocks I know JavaScript, Html, Css, and Php. I also know most others like Python, Ruby, Java, but I do not know any SQL

a5rocks (821)

@ryanhallihan do you know more python or php? If you know python I recommend Flask as a back-end. Your authentication will vary based on the language you choose.

Actually, if you are really good at javascript, you should be able to use express.js or some nodejs web server.

ryanhcode (88)

@a5rocks I know flask but how would I tie it in with authentication?

Tsunami2360 (0)

I have set up a Minecraft server on but i don't know the ip.
Can anyone tell me the ip for it? (I used default port 25565)