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Little Notes :))
the-Bibliophile (1)

What does the number next to our usernames mean? EG. THEbiblophile (0)

Thanks in advance!

Answered by MrVoo (102) [earned 5 cycles]
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MrVoo (102)

Those are cycles. You earn them by answering a question on ask, and getting updoots on comments or posts.

the-Bibliophile (1)

@MrVoo That explains it, thank you!

Coder100 (18939)

Cycles are useless internet points. You get them when someone upvotes one of your posts/comments, or if they click that check mark next to an answer to a question. If you are a redditor, you can think of them as karma.

the-Bibliophile (1)

@Coder100 Thank you so much, that helps!

Coder100 (18939)

but can we crash replit @DillonB07

Aivoybia (26)

@Bookie0 no
i want coder100 to crash replit. that would be so epic