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149 Desktop 😯


Hello, replers I was just wondering if any of you are interested in a desktop app. I know they were working on one but I think they stopped that one. So if you are interested in a desktop app just upvote this (If we get 20 upvotes I will do it). And I will try to convince the creators (which are

) to let me code one and if you guys want to help! I am happy to collab with you!
Also, by the way, I am planning to use Electron!
Look at this post:
Join the support discord server:

3 years ago
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As of right now I believe not, there's a lot of people in this comminity that are in school currerently. And as of constructive comments, I really can't feel it besides how you are saying this is project is a waste of time and how electron framework uses resources. Also im quoting you right here, ". It already has REPL functionality for a lot of languages. At that point what do you even need this website for? Just use the Code Runner extension.". I am understading this as "Why would you make an app or even use this website when you can just use vscode and it's plugins?". Also from an earlier comment, "I can assure the reason they stopped this project, was because of the sheer amount of extra overhead this is going to take them to maintain a cross platform IDE. If they wanted to do a desktop app, it likely would have been just easy for them to talk to microsoft to get a plugin made for VSCode. Since Repl.IT uses the VSCode editor there is a reason they have chosen not to make this a reality. I fail to see how this project is going to improve on what is already provided that isn't going to make more overhead or work for the developers of this website." If this is what you think as "supporting or constructive comments, I'm sure other people won't think like this. AS YOU ARE LITERELLY SAYING, "I fail to see how this project is going to improve on what is already provided that isn't going to make more overhead or work for the developers of this website.". AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS APP CAN BE A DISTRACTION, OR SIMPLY, A BAD THING TO THIS COMMUNITY, YET WE ARE GETTING A LOT OF SUPPORTING COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD. As you said here, "just the app that detracts people from using it. creating things to detract from here and splitting the community.". As of the terms of service problem, I do not care, I have my own platform to distribute and collabrate with other people, like repl-it-discord on github. The goal is definitly to make it official one day, but in the mean time, this is what we can do now, releasing it un-officially. Unlike what you said, "* That is the main point... regardless of how you package this problem. This isn't either. Your project like you say to others is not official. It's not... and at present like all the other applications is still a violation of the TOS.*". As I have mentioned in the previous comments, this project was going to be a side intern project but things didn't work out, so I have talked to 3 people on the team, they are Amjad Haya and Faris. They all quiet like the idea, and they were supportive. Unlike what you are saying here, which basically denies the possibilities of the app. Maybe you are right about how other thirdparty clients are not working out, but this is not ther case here. We can actually comminicate and discuss with the staff teams, which gives a lot of oppunities to make this website better by requesting API's or source codes. Someone once in discord found out a lot of exploits on the website, but having the advantage of direct communication, the team fixed them quickly. I don't see what is your problem here.

3 years ago