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Keep nodejs repl always running?
GavHern (96)

I have a discord bot and i want to keep it always running... I have it on uptimerobot set to every 5 minutes but for some reason, my bot goes offline every few days and I have to click "run" again. Is there any way to get this working?

bzzt (0)

Use, you can set unlimited 1-minute cron jobs.

Free4Funs (0)

@AliMosallaei1 Hello i get timed out with, can u help me? It's a python script

TheForArkLD (772)
  1. Ping every 5minutes
    probably this will works
GavHern (96)

@TheForArkLD this is what the settings say... I have the same for multiple bots and they all go offline after some time..

TheForArkLD (772)

@GavHern make project for ping every 1min and ping this project

GavHern (96)

@TheForArkLD to go below 5 min you need to pay..

TheForArkLD (772)


  • repl keep runs 5minutes from no editing