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Kahoot Game Finder. Where do I start?

So, I had a great project idea. I was playing Kahoot and saw a bunch of people in my class trying to get onto random games, and I thought "I bet I could make a Python program to do that work for me." So, I thought about how I might do it, but came up empty handed. If anyone knows where I might start that would be great. I would prefer a Python solution, but JS, PHP, or C++ (No pointers please. They scare me) would also work.
Maybe @rafrafraf?

Answered by 19wintersp [earned 5 cycles]
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You can get data about a Kahoot by sending a GET to "<uuid>", where "<uuid>" is the Kahoot's ID (referenced in their schema as "uuid"). You can find this by searching for the Kahoot, which can be done by sending a GET to "<kahoot name>&limit=25".

You can implement this in Python with the requests module, to send these HTTP requests, and json module to parse the response.


Oops, misread question, to check if a code is in reference to a game, GET to "<code>". If it returns 404, it's invalid, if it returns 200 and JSON body, it'll work.

The usage of requests applies here too. Here's an example:


@19wintersp Oh, I think that'll work. I didn't realize that it used GET. I tried looking at the URL, but it revealed nothing. Thanks!


@19wintersp Yeah! That works like a charm. That was way easier than I expected. I guess I'll have to learn the requests library to understand it though. Thanks again!


get their responses, and requests. Apis.


You should probably first start by finding an API that contains Kahoot data and then parse that data using the json module.


@IMayBeMe No offense, I have absolutely no idea what that means. I do know what JSON is though...


@KENNETHTRIPP In simple terms, an API pretty much contains live data that you can use in your program. I would recommend that you start by using postman which allows you to view the data from the API which you can then write in Python. For example:

It is important to mention that you also need a unique api key in the URL which most API websites will provide

You can also google tutorials online for API's


this won’t work


Thanks to all of y'all. From what I can see they are all correct.