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Kaboom.js - How to get a good responsive window?

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Hey guys!

I am new to kaboom.js. My game has a width of 1440 and a height of 1024. My background (svg image) that I added as a sprite has also the same size (1440x1024).

In this setting the background image and all other sprites look fine. But is that I realized the game window is too big for the browser because I have to scroll.

So now I want to scale down the whole game with all the sprites in it. I tried scale and it works, but now all the sprites including the background look not good anymore, they look pixelated. It seems there is no antialiasing (I don't know if this is the right term) work done here.

Is there a solution to my problem? Or is my only option that I have changing the image sizes (e.g. with Gimp) myself and have a fixed window size that can't get larger and smaller regarding the browser window size.

Here are example images, so you understand what I mean. The first image is the normal size which looks fine. The second image is the scaled down game.

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 14-56-37

Screenshot from 2021-07-26 14-56-16

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