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JavaScript Problem
ia13ru (43)

I am doing this project. I think I want to log all the attributes in the console. Or is this what I am meant to do?
Tutorial I am following
Code: In script.js

Coder100 (17038)

i see it just fine.

Because of the bugs in replit, if you go to a different page other than index.html, it won't log the results in that page.

Coder100 (17038)

np :)
mark as correct answer? @ia13ru

ia13ru (43)

@Coder100 The computer I am currently using unfortunately is not showing the tick, so later hopefully!

xxpertHacker (860)

@Coder100 @ia13ru
Refer to

Please upvote it, since it affects a lot of people, yet no one looks at the old bug report.