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Java or Python. Which is better?
EpicGamer007 (1751)


I have had this question for quite some time and I have finally decided to ask.

What is better, Java or Python? and what language should I pursue? Which is more user-friendly? What is the job outlook for a developer in these languages?

I primarily code in Java and do not know much about python other than printing to the screen. But I find that python is IMMENSELY more popular than java(at least on repl).

I already know about some of the advantages of java being kind of more friendly using {} and () compared to python's white space. But after looking through a lot of source code, python seems to be much easier overall and the demand for java programmers seems to be decreasing while python is increasing. It is honestly a really confusing subject and I want to be able to make good choices on how to spend my time for the next few years(Yes, it is that important).

I will be reading through about every comment because I really want to hear everyone's opinion on this matter.

Thank you :)

Answered by Codemonkey51 (1061) [earned 5 cycles]
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Codemonkey51 (1061)

I am personally biased because I don't use java, so I'll give advice on how you can find that out for your self. My advice is:
1) if you already know a lot of java and learning python may take awhile maybe stick with python
2) can you make the things you want to make in that language
3) could you use both
4) which one do you find easier
5) does what others use influence you (like if others use python do you this is just like follow your own path not others paths)

Programming languages are not better than each other maybe one is easier but the other has more features it's all personal preference

Arjunkumarr (1)

I feel potentially Java is definitely a way ahead of any programming language. Also, Python is pretty simple to learn. Find more about Java that I found

EpicGamer007 (1751)

@Arjunkumarr you are pretty late but thanks, though i have found my answer :)

NarwhalFanatic (28)

I feel like java is has a little more things that you could do with it but I think that python is slightly easier to learn. (Python can make cool stuff, you just need to know how)

Jakman (451)

If you learn java first you will have better experience with the difficulty of managing computers and after that hard concepts will be easy to understand. However in python lots is laid out for you. Python is easier while Java is harder but each come with their own differences.

ash15khng (723)

Honestly there isn't really a "better" programming language but currently I think Python is becoming more popular than Java. In my opinion I prefer Python but that's probably because I've barely done any Java.