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I've problems with the run button
Beeaniz (0)

First thing, I'm a beginner programmer and that's my first code, and I'm having problems with the run button, I already read the documentation of replit, and I applied it at the code, but I still with problems with the run button, I don't know what to do to fix the bug.
Second, I'm brasilian, so some words on the strings are in portuguese.

InvisibleOne (3224)

You can't have a folder named! It's needs to point to a file not a folder to run.
Try renaming your folder to main and then changing the run command to:

InvisibleOne (3224)

Or if you wanted things to be even simpler, you could just get rid of all those folders and name your python files and

Then the run button will automatically run and you could make it python3 if you wanted to run

Beeaniz (0)

@InvisibleOne ok, I will try it, thank you!