[JS] ES6 Import/Export Syntax Not Working

Does repl.it support Javascript ES6's import/export syntax? For example, I'll have this line: import module from './module.js', but it'll give me a Syntax error. import { module } from './module.js' doesn't seem to work either. I've gotten this to work on other sites, so how come it doesn't work on repl.it?

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Answered by Vandesm14 [earned 5 cycles]
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It's mostly so that repl.it is not "magical." Basically anything that you write on the site should work locally. Once we start precompiling your code then we're making it a bit too magical. However, If that's something that's important we can make it work.


@amasad It would be greatly appreciated. I've used import/export several times on my laptop's built-in text editor and it's worked perfectly fine. It's a very useful feature of ES6 if you want your code to be modular.

I know node.js has a method of importing other files, but personally I prefer plain JS.


@amasad what percentage of browsers need to support a feature to consider it no longer "magical"? https://caniuse.com/#search=es6%20module%20import


@GentryDemchak we run on node.js. which I think this will be supported with mjs in the next release. You can use browser JavaScript using our html environment.