Will Replit Apps replace Replit Talk?

I was just wondering the other day, will Replit Talk be replaced by Replit Apps? I really like both, but before the Replit Team said they were going to take it down. Can anyone answer it for me? Maybe the Replit Team or @amasad can answer this question because it's really confusing now. I have neutral opinions, so don't worry!

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It's a bit complicated.

The original plan was for Repl Talk to shut down eventually. Replit Apps would have replaced the Share board and the rest would have been abandoned. But, there was some controversy as to whether or not this was a good move, as a lot of the community has been embedded into the Talk board, and many claim Apps to be inferior to Talk as a whole.

So it might, it might not. We'll have to see.


@SixBeeps Thank you for your explanation, I see.