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Is there any website emulator?
aa2252920 (7)

Hallo is there any emulator that is on a website? Like windows 7 / 10 / 8
Is posible?

novaflippers (54)

Indeed there is!

For windows/android

For linux/ubuntu:

For more android:


aa2252920 (7)

@novaflippers dude i need some one make windows 7/8/10 emulator that i can fork it and make a domain for my frends

novaflippers (54)

@aa2252920 I also wanted to make one too lmao, ive tried everything I could to get one running on a website but its literally impossible considering not many people have done it before, and virtually no one has made it open source.

Even then, I cant really find out a way to give the display image from the VM. I found out a way to run the VM, but no way to get output of it, or connect it to a website. I think there is a way with Docker, and I will try that (If I do ever find a way, I will make it open source)

aa2252920 (7)

Please send your Project that you run it at a website

TigerTheCat (45)

@aa2252920 Does this help? It's not mine tho

aa2252920 (7)

@TigerTheCat its good but i really need windows 7 / 8 / 10
If have one of those virsion of this windows pls send but is good i liked
:) send Project ima check it can i?