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Is there any known bug that just makes it so the console is blank?
Knei (1)

So basically I was coding and testing my python project until it started to not display anything in the console, runs the wrong file or just doesn't load other files.

On another note, It is happening quite consistently (as in its just happening every time)

Solution for me was to wait but for another file got same issue so Coder100 thanks for the help

Coder100 (18137)

oh, that's a dumb bug.

Try: hard refreshing ctrl + shift + r
Try: forking

Also make sure your code is valid lol

InvisibleOne (2978)

You should be able to reload your repl and it should work, that is usually works for me. If it keeps on happening really frequently then report it to bugs.

kzhangcoding (0)

IT Sometimes happens