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Is there a way to download all repls on my account?
reagentx (7)

Is there a way to download all of the repls at once on my account? I used to be able to hit the GraphQL endpoint but they changed the way it was authenticated so I cannot do that anymore.

I know there is an option to download a single repl, but is there a way to download all of the repls at once without manually going through all of them?

Answered by ash15khng (723) [earned 5 cycles]
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ash15khng (723)

Would be nice if this could be implemented but I don't think there's a way? (hopefully I'm right). You could suggest this on the feedback page though:

replitjeremy (93)

hey @reagentx, we don't have an official way to do this, as @ash15khng mentioned this would be great feedback. In the meantime, hitting a URL like{repl_name}.zip will download the repl as a zip ; )

HackermonDev (2074)

@replitjeremy Is this the first time you've talked in a post? I've never ever seen you (except on the discord server when you would become idle then back offline)

replitjeremy (93)

@PDanielY first time on talk! I'm pretty active on discord, forgot to turn myself off of idle.

reagentx (7)

Hi @replitjeremy, this has had a ticket for over a year on that board:

anonymous333 (0)

yes there is press fork and then it's your's