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Is there a difference when using python on replit or normal python?
MartinStavland (10)

So is there a difference when you run a python script on replit than on normal Python.

I would love som help!

eankeen (2188)


yeah, the biggest difference is that graphical user interfaces (GUIs) will not necessarily work out of the box as they would if you ran a python script locally.

as you can see in the image below, you would have to create a "Pygame" or Pyxel" etc. repl. This is required to see the graphical output of the program.

furthermore, you are given less compute power when your python files are being ran. naturally, this is required since it would be near impossible to give every replit user a powerful, desktop-level performance for each repl.

lastly, you may not have access to all the flags passed to the python interpreter when pressing the "run" button. (if you want the terminal emulator to appear, you can press press f1, then type shell, or press ctrl+shift+p). however, you can open up the terminal emulator and manually invoke python commands, if you wish.

some of these differences may be been obvious, but i pointed them out anyways :)
hope i helped

theangryepicbanana (1697)

There is no difference, unless you're trying to get the user's IP or make a gui application