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Is PIL broken?

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I was working on a new project and couldn't get the module to work. So, I went back and looked at something I knew worked, at one point. It doesn't work either...

Is PIL broken on

Has python or PIL changed versions?

Has the syntax changed to need some other thing?

I even went to someone else's PIL example:

That is broken too...

Answered by a5rocks [earned 5 cycles]
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Don't forget to install Pillow xp


  • Click the weird 3d cube on the left side bar
  • search for "Pillow"
  • click the result that is "Pillow"
  • click the install button
  • now it should work!

You can always specify it in a requirements.txt file, but I find UPM (the package thing) works better for repl.

The reason why repl isn't finding Pillow when you import "PIL" is that they don't have the same name: repl just looks for "PIL" on then gives up. (though it seems PIL does exist? maybe repl removed autodetection?)