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Is Making 2 Repls to ping each other allowed?

Hi, I know that using a pinging service like UptimeRobot to keep my bots awake is allowed (I read the blog post), but sometimes it doesn't work, and I like having more customizability. Would it be against the rules to make 2 repls with servers (probably flask in python) that would ping each other (and my other projects) to keep them alive indefinitely?

EDIT: I wouldn't be spam pinging them or anything, maybe something like once every 5 minutes or so (I know that it takes longer than 5 minutes with no activity for a repl to shut down, but if something happens and one of them shuts down, I don't want it to have more than 5 minutes of downtime).

Answered by Highwayman [earned 5 cycles]
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yeah that's fine. just keep in mind that unlike uptime bot, both the servers could shut down and then neither will be there to wake the other one up.


@Highwayman Thanks! I might also use uptime robot to ping one of them every once in a while just to make sure. I just didn't like having to use uptimerobot for everything.