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Press Enter to continue otherwise exit code
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Hi, in my textbased game I want the player to press Enter to play and if they dont press Enter I want the code to exit and for the player to restart the game.

I watched a video about the key function and im trying to make it work from that.

def on_press(key):

if key == Key.enter: print("Wise choice, lets play!") return False if key != Key.enter: print("You pressed {0} you moron, get lost!".format(key)) quit()

with Listener(on_press = on_press) as listener:

print("Game starts in 3..")

And this is where I am trying to code the continuation.
However, even if I press anything but Enter, the code continues, do I have to continue coding within the definition of on_press?

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actually each key has it's on code. And enter has the code 10 so:

from getch import getch i = getch() if ord(i) == 10: print("Let's play!") else: print("You should of pressed enter!")