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Install flask[async]
Ashenguard (13)

As title says I want to install and use flask[async] (pip install flask[async]) on my project, I tried to add it in the toml file but it didn't work, so for now I'm using
import os
os.system('pip install flask[async]')
at the beginning of my main file.

The question is how can I add it to toml file myself?

AVCreators (0)

+1, I'm trying to do the same!

IsabellaAmelia (0)

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isaiah08 (87)

Go to the shell (on the side bar where the counsel is) and put it there. This doesn't add it to the toml file, but i think this is the only way.

Ashenguard (13)

@isaiah08 it's same as I did with os.system