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In the JS file, syntax highlighting is missing. How to solve the problem?
bugaevaleksandr (0)

Hi! I am logged in to the site and creating a new project with the language: HTML, CSS, JS. I go to the JS file, and in this file the syntax highlighting is gone!. In HTML, CSS syntax highlighting remains!. When there are no HTML or CSS files in the project, the highlight is there. How to solve this problem. I used the browsers-Google Chrome and Yandex (cleared the cache). Thank you in advance for your help.

bugaevaleksandr (0)

Please see option #1 and option # 2 and the message from the site. Yes, and here is another message shown by the site. In can I turn off the backlight? No one has access to my laptop except me. Should I reinstall the browser? thank you in advance for your help.

xxpertHacker (930)

Can you show a screenshot of what it looks like without syntax highlighting?