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Import Speech recognition
ShikharVerma1 (1)


I was making a virtual assistant....and had to include speech recognition in my repl but it shows that There is no module named speech_recognition

How do I include speech recognition in my repl?

Waiting for your reply....

Nettakrim (693)

i think you want this one

on their website there are examples that look similar to what your doing

SixBeeps (5221)

Did you install the package from the package manager?

ShikharVerma1 (1)

It does no show speech recognition in package manager

SixBeeps (5221)

@ShikharVerma1 The name of the project is SpeechRecognition, but you have to import it as speech-recognition. Try searching for it by the name.

ShikharVerma1 (1)

Ok I will try..
Thanks for replying

eekboi (285)

Are you sure that speak_recognition is a module?

ShikharVerma1 (1)

@eekboi I’m saying speech recognition not speak recognition

ShikharVerma1 (1)

It’s ok

Thanks for your reply...