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Keeping repl permanently alive.


So I have been making a repl that allows you to store items online but every time, after a certain amount of time, it shuts down the express server (nodejs) and it loses all data except users that have registered. Can someone help me to keep it online (eg. An example that works)?

Thanks in advance.

Note: the server is based off lolisafe and the script is at lolisafe.js.

Edit: db is not an option and uptime robot lasts 2 months.

3 years ago
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If you can force the repl to crash using kill 1 when the repl crashes, then using the url should turn the repl back on. Just have the repl run "kill 1" on exit, e.g. have a bash script that looks like this:
node main.js >> main.log
kill 1

3 years ago