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If I upgrade to Hacker, will my discord bot have a unique IP?
GabrysCichy (0)

In Repl the IP is shared for multiple applications, that's why multiple bots will take the traffic from each other. I'm wondering if I upgrade to hacker will I have a unique IP and my traffic will be only for me, or is it better to host a bot on another service?

VulcanWM (2890)

idk but I’ve created all my discord bots on Replit and I’ve only never got rate-limited

Coder100 (18901)

Yeah, if you boost your repl you get to a less-used cluster that is also faster.

rivestoss (0)

No. Replit works using a thing called Clusters [¹].
Basically, when you upgrade Hacker, your projects move from "Global Cluster" to "Hacker Cluster", this group of computers has much more power and RAM, and less overhead, so, actually, you won't be able to have a unique IP for your Repl project(s), although... I don't understand why you need a unique IP.
If you need it to host something like a Minecraft Server, or a Discord bot that requires more than 4 GBs for some reason, you're definitely better off buying a VPS.
For normal projects though, you simply don't need a unique IP, using Replit is more than enough :)


GabrysCichy (0)

I'm talking about those traffic rate limits, that are per IP, so I guess that it will be better to host it elsewhere.

rivestoss (0)

@GabrysCichy Firstly, there are 10 000 invalid requests per 10 minutes, secondly, Replit does not use just one or two IPs, but tens (or even hundreds) of IPs, as it uses the Google Cloud Platform.

Let's assume that a malicious user makes 10 000 invalid requests every 10 minutes just to annoy, first of all, it is very likely that Replit will ban him before causing too much trouble, and secondly, the affected IP would be just one of tens (or hundreds), and the probability that the IP for a bot is the same as for the attacker is very low, not to mention that IPs can fluctuate (or so I think).