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If I post a repl on share can others edit without permission?

Quick question. If I SHARE a post on repl talk obviously I need to add a repl.
If I do so can others edit that repl without my permission.

Answered by SixBeeps [earned 5 cycles]
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Just to add onto what sn236 already said, all forks are labelled with the original Repl and its creator on the spotlight page. So, if someone forks your code, you will be credited. This does not prevent someone from just copy-pasting your code, so I'd recommend putting a license in your Repl to prevent that.


@SixBeeps What Licence and how do I put it.


@ionX The license you go with and how you display it is completely up to you. You can browse a couple example licenses here:

For the most part, people tend to just stick the license contents in a text file in the source code.


@SixBeeps But does it need to have validity.
What if I just say [All Copyrights Reserved®] is it legit(I don't have a licence). is not working for me right now but its not a problem with your link I just cant view the link cause of authority errors.


@ionX IANAL, but I'd do a little more than just say that. Do your own research on what licenses do what, and see which one fits your use case the best.

Here are the official license texts for a few of the popular ones:

  • MIT License, allows for redistribution and modification but people have to acknowledge you as the copyright holder in both the source code and the finished product.
  • GNU GPLv3, Same things as the MIT License, but redistributors have to state what they changed and they can't change the license.
  • Boost Software License, acts a lot like the MIT license but the license only has to go in the source code.



Hi again, they can't unless they fork it, and your repl won't be changed even if they fork and make some changes to it.


@sn236 Thanks.