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stoporinjail (135)

I'm bored. Can somebody give me ideas for a new project? Thanks. I code in Python btw

cuber1515 (62)

Yo @stoporinjail a really fun thing to do is make a Home page with all your projects. I did this in HTML since it's more of a website thing, but you could do it in python if you had it maybe have a list of your projects and maybe like had it so that when you type in the name of the project it gives them the link to that project. Not really something really too cool or anything (it's much better when it's a website), but it might be fun to make.

Coder100 (18206)

Here are some ideas:

  • card game
  • guessing game
  • fortune teller
  • battleship
  • simulator
  • choose your own adventure
  • idea generator
CodeMaster007 (108)

Maybe a magic 8th ball. When I first started in python, that was my first project and it was fun.

CodeMaster007 (108)

Yeah! If you need help, feel free to check my program below...Its also a magic 8th ball made from python! @stoporinjail