Debug code

How do I debug code on Replit. All the options I found online haven't worked.

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Answered by OldWizard209 [earned 5 cycles]
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I would also appreciate it if someone can tell me how to fix the code!


@MisterMr first i need to know the answer to the question


@ch1ck3n lol you can google them or you can check the code.


Firstly, what is the problem in the code? @MisterMr
Secondly @ch1ck3n , you can see the answer from the code ;)


@OldWizard209 The problem is that for some reason it repeats the last question. Then when you answer it, it causes a keyerror since the computer has removed the question and answer from the dictionary since it has already been answered.

I need to know why it keeps repeating the last question and how to fix this.