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I wanted to find out what the Considerate Recursive Factors Relates to in Replit

In the Shell of my Python code window I see the phrase considerate recursive factors. Which suggests that some script has been called. I wanted to check, as I am learning Python and I need to make sure that in using the Replit environment I am not using anything that includes features that wouldn't be present in the console and IDLE you download from Python itself.

Can anybody help? I just want to make sure that if I write code in Replit it will work when entered into Python Console or IDLE.


Must have been a bug, it works fine for me.

All python code can be run in the python idle*

Except py game and tkinter those need specific setup


wdym? any code that runs on replit, will run on all IDEs. i have copied code from atom, vs code, pycharms, and it works perfectly.