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I want to switch my technical support job to Data Scientist or Python developer ??
amar969 (0)

Hi Everyone,

I have completed B.Sc Computer science graduation in 2018. I have good understanding of Python language.But unfortunately i have started working as technical support trainee in organisation because of financial issue.Everyone is great and supportive in my organisation.

But I find myself stuck in this job and unable to learn something new, innovative and different which I dream offed. I am learning python and data science since last 6 months. i am ready for switch. Should i resign and start looking for python developer job. please suggest I love creating application using logics, build algorithms, i love maths.

I need your help to take the decision.

Thanks & respect
Amarjeet Maurya


Find a job before resigning from your current one!

lilimayon (0)

Hey! Don't destroy your potential, go ahead. Create your resume as good as possible. You can use the - - resume writing services to do it well. The main thing is not to stop and go to your goal!