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I want feedback on a repl i made.

Is there anything you guys think i should add?


There is no code in the, lol. There is no way to see anything that happens in your program if there is no code in the file.

As for the rest. It seems as if you were just joking around and didn't actually put any effort whatsoever into it.
I'd suggest actually putting effort into a project and asking for opinions instead of thinking you're funny and putting random useless stuff in a Python project just to spam the repl talk forums.

You aren't funny, and this is a project that looks as if it was made by a 5 year old.


@MocaCDeveloper I actually did put effort in, I didn't realize you can only see the code in Most of the code is in other files in this repl. Sorry about that.



Yes, now there is actual functional Python code in the file(s).

Beforehand, there was not and it was just random Python code being thrown all around with no actual meaning whatsoever.
not just that, but the code had no logic to it beforehand where it now has some logic to it.

Also stay away from the exec function by all means.


I've unlisted this as there is no code in your repl. If you find the correct repl, reply to this comment, I'd be happy to relist it for you!