"Learn Python the Right Way" seems to be a very convoluted way

If anyone else here has looked at the Book they provided called "Learn Python the Right Way" and gone through that to learn Python, can you tell me if this is truly the right way to learn Python?

Right from the start I noticed that the exercises you're given at the end of each chapter, while most are doable, some of them seem to be overly complicated, set up with pretty bad "parameters" or just completely overclass.

Is it just me? Is it just that I need a different way to learn? Or does everyone experience that book the same?

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I think that the book attempts to take an almost too complete approach and assumes that the learner has no clue what they are doing. This is not necessarily a bad thing but when you have a language as abstracted as Python, things start to get messy. Speaking from personal experience, you might find it better to learn from the ground up as everything becomes simpler. You could probably start with digital logic and binary to build a computer, then move to assembly and then further on to C. After that everything will come super easily. The only disadvantage is that this method is extremely time consuming.


@IMayBeMe I have been studying computers and computer science on the side of this, I feel like you might be right.
It's just when stuff is explained and prepared well I understand the code very quickly and it's sometimes quite simple, but I guess there could be different difficulty levels to different things you can do in coding.