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I need some help.

Hi, I need help on learning to code stuff, I'm used to scratch if that information helps. I was thinking of making a clicker game to start.


Then I think you should use and learn HTML, CSS, and JS. HTML is for the website design. CSS is for styling the website, and JS is for scripts.

If you are not interested in HTML, CSS, and JS, you should learn Python next. Its the most popular language, but it wouldn't be right for a clicker game. It would be more of a console game (text game) for starters, but you can start using Pygame and other advanced Python modules after you get those key Python foundations.

I hope this helped you, and I also hope you can mark this as answered, thank you so much for reading this!


@CodingElf66 Thank you, I think i'll start learning in HTML, then try out JS if HTML isn't my style. Thank you for telling me about HTML, JS, and CSS.


You should learn HTML, CSS, and JS. It can't be done in a week though


@MrVoo Ok, I'll try learning HTML 1st