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I need some final suggestions before I post this on Repl Talk.
VulcanWM (2755)

Can you guys give me some suggestions on what I could add here before I post this on Repl Talk?
I have some other ideas like franchises but I'll do that after I post this because it will take me like a week.

IntellectualGuy (819)

The Login doesn't work :(

MikeJMS8910 (159)

Wow actually a really cool game but I would suggest moving around the css because it is kinda confusing. And where does the money display?

VulcanWM (2755)

If you click on your username you can see all your stats, cooldowns and your menu @MikeJMS8910

EpicGamer007 (1751)

heres a suggestion: post it on explore too ;)

ok here are real suggestions

  • One thing I suggest is changing the font because it looks very generic and uninteresting.
  • Make actual css for the other pages and style the inputs.
    I am just gonna stop here and say, add water.css to your site, it will make it much better in my opinion. just spam the include tag everywhere you need it.
  • The login page looks great in my opinion.
  • The UI is a bit annoying to work with. Having to scroll every time to get somewhere. I am not sure what you can do to make it better but I feel it can be improved upon, after all, you are leaving out like 80% of the page space.

These are my suggestions, good luck :)

VulcanWM (2755)

tysm I’ll add this comment to my todo list :) @EpicGamer007