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I need help with a project.
ChuuYarxx (0)

So I've been thinking of this for 1 week so I'm doing it. But I need a team. I am going to make a discord bot, and I need a team because it is overwhelming doing it all by myself. So here are the requirements to be on the team.

  • You need to know a lot about
  • You need to be in the CDT timezone
  • You need to have discord.

If you don't have any of these requirements we cant let you into the team. Thanks for reading!

InvisibleOne (3224)

What kind of discord bot? What sort of features are you planning on implementing

ChuuYarxx (0)

@InvisibleOne A moderation bot. with moderation commands, and also commands that lets you play games like an 8ballcommand for example.