Input is automatically bypassed and "no" string not recognized
Thundrstruck87 (2)

Hey everyone, I'm having a couple weird issues with my code that I can't figure out - so I would appreciate if I can get any help. I've started to learn C++ so I apologize if it's something simple I am missing.

From the photo and code, I have a couple cout and cin lines (lines 65 and 67) that work as intended up until "Year". For some reason that is automatically bypassed and you can't put anything in, where as the other input fields you can. I was able to type in a year (1990, or 2012 for example) if it behaved, but it feels like enter on my keyboard is hit twice and moves to the next line. However, I tried two different IDE's, and two different computers with the same issue, so something is weird with the code.

The other problem I am having is "no" is not recognized for some reason? Example would be the "NewCustomer()" function and the if statement where the "no" is. It returns the "bash: no: command not found" error message.

Thank you for the help!

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Answered by Kai_Justice (271) [earned 5 cycles]
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Thundrstruck87 (2)

I just realized the "int Year;" is not a function, I moved that up under the variables section to clean up the code a bit.