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I have repl premium but my site won't stay on 24/7
DerekChen6 (0)

I set the repl site as Always On, but it doesn't stay on always


click run, and wait. It will work.

novaflippers (63)

Hey there! I will help you.

  • Simply clicking RUN will not enable the always on. To enable it, make sure you are on the repl you want. Then select the title, and down below the place where you name your repl and add your description, toggle the always on button.

BTW websites are already hosted 24/7, no need to worry about that. To prevent a screen, simply put it in a website pinger, no code needed.

InvisibleOne (2674)

Well it's supposed to, report it to bugs:

DerekChen6 (0)

Wdym its supposed to? I thought always on is supposed to keep the site on 24/7.