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I have an error, and I cannot fix it.
laksh5 (181)

I am making a program with JavaScript using an HTML canvas. Error: Expected '}'.I tried really hard to see what is the error, but all of the braces look even. Help would be appreciated. This is the link to my code:

a5rocks (821)

Have you fixed your error yet? Running your code doesn't give me Error: Expected '}'. Going through a couple errors (extra newline in html, forgot a comma in person setup, misspelled function as functon) gives me an error for .getcontext, which I don't know :/.

tl;dr please update your question so that we can know your current problem.

Also, it seems you are trying to follow this tutorial : Try taking the exact code from it, then tweaking the stolen absorbed code to get what you want.

laksh5 (181)

I fixed my other errors, and now I get this: TypeError: Unable to get property 'getContext' of undefined or null reference
at Global code ( Is this what you got, too?

ArchieMaclean (913)

@laksh5 Try this:
add this to your html (ABOVE the js source):

<canvas id="game-canvas" width="200" height="200"></canvas>

Then line 3 on the js file changes to this:

context = document.getElementById("game-canvas").getContext("2d");

Please upvote if this helps :)

laksh5 (181)

@ArchieMaclean Thank you @ArchieMaclean It helped, however, it does not give any output except a black rectangle. Please help if you find a solution.

ArchieMaclean (913)

@laksh5 There isn't any output because there is no code for outputting anything except lines 62/63:

context.fillStyle = "#202020";
context.fillRect(0, 0, 320, 100);

And that is outputting the black rectangle.
What do you want to output?

ArchieMaclean (913)

@a5rocks There's nothing wrong with following a tutorial.

laksh5 (181)

@ArchieMaclean I want to output a platformer game.