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I get a warning from Google Chrome !
JeffSchilders (1)

When i try to open an Website Repl project i get in Google Chrome a red screen with "Deceptive site ahead". Its code is a very simple website!, i don't understand why Google Chrome give warning. If i change Safe Browsing in Google Chrome i can access my website project. I use Repl in my Class where students are use a Chromebook.

Best regards,

Th3Coder (91)

I have the same problem @JeffSchilders, so don't worry! Also lots of others have the same problem so we're not alone!

I wonder, is a hacker trying to breach Or was it simply a mistake in Google Safe Browsing?

Edit: I read a comment that states Google Safe Browsing thought was a malicious copy of, maybe it's actually true!

ch1ck3n (1622)

@Th3Coder amasad said in the blogs that this new domain was the official one

RowanFromBJC (46)

I post the same thing every time, try typing THISISUNSAFE on the error page.

JeffSchilders (1)

Thanks @Th3Coder hope i will be fixed.

Th3Coder (91)

@JeffSchilders it is fixed for me, how about you?