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I don't get this at all. Someone please help.
silvanet (0)

I tried creating a new repl. I chose a generic fizbuzz javascript algorithm from here:, and pasted it into an HTML, CSS, JS language option script.js file. The process created that public repl above in my account. When I try to run it in the sandbox (the green arrow), nothing happens. How do I learn to use this at its most basic? I'm totally lost.

Answered by AmoghTheCool (63) [earned 5 cycles]
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AmoghTheCool (63)

main problem

You forgot to call the fizzbuzz function (fizzbuzz()).


also when you are working with a HTML CSS JS repl I wouldn't recommend the console TOO much...
interact with the HTML DOM instead like here


you could just put the code in a node.js repl

silvanet (0)

@AmoghTheCool, Thanks. I'll try the node.js, but I see what you mean about using the HTML DOM, otherwise I'd be opening DevTools to view the console.

silvanet (0)

Thanks, boy do I feel stupid!